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15th January 2006

ddoofy11:52am: *gasp*
..I was bored. And felt my Herc moods library was a bit incomplete. So I whipped up a few more necessary representations of my psyche in Herc form (..and spiffened up a few old ones):

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1st August 2005

ddoofy12:14am: "Never have kids, Loretta." "God love ya for thinking I still could."
Upon unpacking my shit in my apartment, I came to a number of conclusions. The first being "Check the time before you decide Now is a Good Time to put holes in the wall to hang your curtains. Some people might not like loud, incompetent hammering at 11pm on a Sunday night." (oops) The second being "Well, there's nothing else I can do short of rearranging my stuff into heaps that I still can't move anyway. So let's spend 2 hours making more Hercules icons."

I'm thinking the Fruit of Labors #2 is much more interesting than Fruit of Labors #1, which is two metal hooks hanging at weird angles because they've only got half of a nail through each of them.

Not for the weak of butt or weak of dial-up.Collapse )

15th June 2005

ddoofy9:54pm: After a wee bit of hiatus
Yea, so my Herc trendwhoring took a breather. Work does that too ya. Plus I guess I was doing a moment (or two or five) of silence in tribute to teh roomie of whom I stole and copied Hercules from.

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12th May 2005

ddoofy4:46pm: Behold iconage.Collapse )

10th May 2005

ddoofy11:19pm: a harsh lesson
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More to come. Blah.

8th May 2005

ddoofy10:54am: New additions
While I was not doing homework yesterday, I done brung Herc to work and used the software on the teacher computers to make screencaps. Works much better than EyeTV, because it's a nice 600x480 resolution as opposed to the 320-something my EyeTV default reverts to. Might scrap some of the old icons and use the new caps for better images. It basically gave me another excuse to watch Herc from beginning to end, clicking my mouse frantically all the while. I got some corruption with the ITSBEENAREALSLICE scenes because the computer just randomly restarted while I was saving, but I got the rest of the movie at least.

on to battle!Collapse )

It's Megara! Speaking Japanese! In KH2! I went to the KH2.net site, to find pics of Meg (the others show like her knees and the back of her head) and I read some of the comments, mostly critiques as to her h00j boobies and tiny waist (she's styled off a Doric column, morons). My heart went all sad when I saw a few IHATEMEG comments, even worse the IHATEHERCULESBECAUSEOFMEG comments, but such is life. I watched the new trailer (Meg flies in on Pegasus!) and I was seriously hoping a voice to announce at the end KINGDOM HEARTS 2 like in Super Smash Bros Melee.

Yay nerd.

6th May 2005

ddoofy1:52pm: A couple of rodents looking for a theme park.


Am also having trouble getting rid of the white on the Tough and Hung Over ones. Still new at this whole ImageReady thingie.

5th May 2005

ddoofy10:37pm: Hercules Icons
I almost forgot I even made this icon journal.. like a year ago.

I guess this is as good a place as any to showcase my little Hercules mood icon thingies. And they're easy enough to edit the text out, it's just there for my sake.

so your computers don't asplodeCollapse )
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21st May 2004

ddoofy9:23pm: omg an update
Been feeling ambitious and felt like makin' a few icons for a change, mostly to get more adept at ImageReady. Dat program has wonderous potential, I just need to figure out how to cut more corners. It took me about 2 hours to make 5 icons. *oye*

we love realistic zelda, don't weCollapse )
I haven't really mastered the concept of how fast these things should go though >.>

3rd May 2004

ddoofy8:12pm: A'ite
I guess I should pretend people actually care about my community even though I never put anything in it. Heaven forbid I disappoint all 2 of my members ><

After finals are over I will probably commence some iconage. Maybe not templates, but I have been perusing the web and have a desire to make Final Fantasy: Advent Children animations and icons. I would make some FFX-2 icons because of all the prettiness going on at squaresoft_icon, but I think that horse has been beat about 50 times over, don't you agree?

I'll probably also be whipping up a new Hexadecimal theme for my LJ, plus trying to make s'more ReBoot icons.

..are there any requests?
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21st March 2004

ddoofy1:15pm: r0x0r5 in teh s0x0r5
All right, to slate Oi-Chan's lameness, I paused in my work long enough to make 2 damn templates for her, plus 2 examples of em being used =P


Will try to concoct ones that don't completely suck later.

And yay for having 3 members ^_^
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11th March 2004

ddoofy4:39pm: XD
I found a picture of Little Vicky! Hooray!

All right, join me or die, for iconage shall be mine. >:|
Current Mood: amused
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